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Mon Amie Boutique - The Who and Why

My name is Tonya Hamby. 

I'm a wife.  I'm a mom.  I'm a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, and an aunt.  I'm surrounded by a plethora of beautiful women in my life, and they all have one thing in common: shopping frustrates them.  The reasons may vary, but the sentiment is the same.  Being an empath (and having some of the same shopping woes) I felt their anguish.  I had to do something about it!
There is no reason that a "mom" can't look hip.  There's absolutely no reason a young grandmother can't be stylish!  There's certainly no reason the young-at-heart can't look as lively as they feel!  
Enter the problem: finding age-appropriate clothing that's still stylish and affordable while maintaining the standard of quality we expect as shoppers.  Where do we even GO to find this??
Hopefully I've been able to solve a few problems in my endeavor to open Mon Amie Boutique. 

Mon Amie means "my friend" in the French language. 

Living and working in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, which is just east of New Orleans, we have TONS of French influence in this area, so it just fits.  My friends, I want to help you.  I want to rekindle a love for shopping and a satisfaction in the new garments you purchase from us.  I want mon amis (my friends) to look FAB, and to tell everyone who compliments you on your awesome sense of style just WHO helps you do it.  I want to put that pep back in your step and the sparkle back in your eye.  I want you to squeal in delight every time you get a package from us.

They say that clothes make the man, but that can go for women, too.
Mon amis, I want your input.  Don't hesitate to send suggestions.  Post things on our social media pages you want to see us carry.  Email us.  Stop by.  (Our brick-and-mortar store had its soft opening February 1,2021!)  After all, this is about YOU!
I love new friends. 
My friends are loved and treated as family.
So, welcome to the family.


  • This is EXACTLY my experience and sounds like just what I’m looking for! I don’t like to shop, have no idea what to wear as a 37-year-old mom who also works professionally, and just want someone to put me on the right path. Your clothes and accessories are beautiful and so affordable. Can’t wait to work with you!

    Christina Dent
  • Bravo Mom-Preneurs!!
    Cannot wait to support you as a local BSL Mom who prioritizes fashion with a super busy schedule!
    Go y’all!!!

  • Hi Tonya,
    I was interested in your new endeavor so I called Mary and asked her all about it. Then I went to your Facebook page and saw the website and looked at the fashions.. They are beautiful! What a nice idea to help those that would rather go online than go shopping. Hugs and blessings on your new shop! Deedie

    Deedie Mitchell

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